From age 11, my dream has been to produce major movies. An industry that has inspired me at a young age. I began with that dream, hours of internet research, and my Christmas wish list. My parents bought me my first camera and from that point on I was determined to make my dream reality.

Right away, I found a wide range of technology and equipment I wanted to create my first projects. As a young teenager without much money, I felt like I had set an unrealistic goal for myself. It was going to take time and opportunity. I watched endless YouTube videos and consumed everything I could find on photography and techniques to bring my ideas to life. I reached out to artists I admired and photographed everything. I was starting to develop a unique style and building a collection of experiences. People liked my work.

At the end of 2014, I discovered the well-known editing software Photoshop. With even greater enthusiasm, I took my first steps into the world of digital image manipulation. I found an even greater passion for digitally manipulating photographs. Now, I create extraordinary life situations for clients. They say my work inspires them to dream bigger and see life from important new perspectives. I meet amazing people every day from all over the world and am proud to say I have worked with incredible artists/companies like Paul Hewitt, Valentina Pahde, JustSul, Maejor Ali, Tristan Tales and Andrew Henderson.

I have so many ideas. I will forever be a student of photography and technology and look forward to creating more inspiring images for clients. When the opportunity arises, I will make that movie too.